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Yoga Mat and Straps

My Offering

Ashtanga & the Felt Sense

£13.00 - Online class

This class creates healthy arousal in the body, or positive sympathetic (nervous system) charge, by maintaining a strong and consistent Ujjayi breath. Connecting with the sensation of your body and paying attention to what feels good, we are encouraging our attention to focus on what serves us, and what brings us pleasure. Galvanise your inner flame!

Mondays 7:30 AM GMT



Our breath is the only part of the autonomic nervous system we can hack. And hack we must! Some of us are wondering around breathing into the top cavities of our lungs only, and breathing too much. This has a tendency to keep us at a low-grade anxious state.

A focused, consistent  breath practice will speak to your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), increase lung capacity, and facilitate a more thorough distribution of oxygen around the body. Breath work will encourage better focus, a clearer mind, a more relaxed state and an increased capacity to burn fat.

Wednesday 8AM GMT

Yin & the Felt Sense

£13.00 - Online class

The focus of this class is on down-regulation of the nervous system,  a 'wringing out' of the whole body by working into the fascia (connective tissue), and decompressing the mind. 

We'll move our attention between sensation and emotion,  tuning into the felt sense of positive experience in the body.

Thursdays 18:00 PM GMT, 12PM CST, 10AM PST

Couples Yoga

£65.00 1-2

Head over to my couples Yoga tab for a full description, and check out my blog about Physiological Synchrony.  As an advocate for relationship, I believe couples Yoga as a regular practice will help foster a depp and attuned connection with each other. 

I'm teaching online right now, and I'm looking forward to being back in person soon! In the summer I teach in local parks, and a beautiful secret garden! 

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