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Get Connected  - Couples Yoga

Get playful with your person✨

Classes are inspired by the Ashtanga & Yin Yoga movement vocabulary, and we will open and close our your sessions with Pranayama and breath  work.

Moving and breathing together will stimulate physiological synchronicity making space for deeper connection and playfulness. This is so key for healthy relationships. Playfulness, curiosity and sensuality nourish connection, see what unfolds by taking an hour or two a week to create this together.

Couples Yoga is an effective way to co-regulate, and with regular practice you guys will be even better at handling whatever lemons life throws at you.


Lifting and supporting each other physically and relationally, together you guys will have fun, learn some new skills, and spend quality time together.

Not a Yogi? No worries! My classes are for beginners and regular practitioners, and focus on the internal processes as well as increasing your capacity for more advanced movement, and in the case of couples Yoga, for deeper connection.

I'm teaching online in my beautiful online studio space, and in person (Covid allowing) in London. I offer single sessions and have packages for block bookings.

Come and play! Book here.

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