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Since working with Emma, I have noticed many positive changes in my life.  She has helped me to feel confident and empowered to take action where I need to, but at the same time helped me to feel much peace around difficult situations and past experiences.

Over the years I have worked with many types of therapists and coaches, and Emma has stood out.  She has helped me greatly in a short space of time with different struggles.  She has been quite exceptional. Always grateful to have found her and I look forward to our future sessions.

Jodie A. London

I have begun my somatic healing work with Emma after searching for a long time to find the right practitioner. Even after just one session, during which Emma’s presence and compassion offered incredible support, I felt a huge shift in energy and a visceral release from some very highly charged, painful emotions around an old story. I feel privileged to be doing this kind of healing work with someone in whom I have deep trust and respect. Thank you Emma!

Becky T. Denver, Colorado



Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Emma is a brilliant teacher. She arrived on time, even a bit early. She is friendly and easy to talk to. She’s very good at teaching, very good at giving very clear and easy to follow instruction. I was sweating quite a lot by the end of the session which I found rather reassuring considering I am in this to lose some weight. I felt energised and happy that I’m learning a new skill. Her rates are very reasonable and I am sure she’s going be fully booked very soon offering an incredibly high quality experience for a good price.

Aya K. London

I found Emma’s profile online while I was looking for a yoga teacher.
My partner and I really wanted to start doing something together and we thought about private yoga classes, and especially acro yoga. I had done yoga for a year and a half before, but this was completely new to my partner.
Emma was great in adapting to us both, to our own strengths and weaknesses. She went the extra step every time to come up with creative poses or bring new tools to make our sessions even more interesting. She is very human and kind, which for us was also important. Finally: she was patient and flexible with timing and understanding of our busy schedules.
Unfortunately, we had to move abroad recently but we definitely had an amazing time and would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Steph S. London

I approached Emma to help improve my mobility for Olympic weightlifting. From the first class I could already see a massive improvement in my range of movement! She is very knowledgeable and pays attention to detail. She is able to see imbalances in your body and is excellent at tailoring the lesson to your needs. She is very clear at explaining the poses and the flow and great at correcting you. She is a confident teacher and I recommend her whether you want to progress in yoga or, like myself, want to improve your mobility for other purposes.

Delia S. London

Working with Emma through the last two months has been a lifesaver. She was a guide for me getting past my initial hurdle of fear in moving my body.  I came to her with a lot self-imposed restriction from programmed pain as a result of coping after a few car accidents. Her intuition, knowledge and coaching felt like a soothing salve. As she walked me through reconnecting more deeply with my body and building trust in my ability through structured movement, she also asked helpful questions that helped to release the emotional charge.  Emma is a great healer and her work has been a dose of valuable medicine on my road to recovery.

Sarah B. Kansas

To say that I've enjoyed working with Emma would be an understatement.  From her vast knowledge on how emotions and the body are interconnected, to her eagerness and curiosity to learn from her clients, Emma is someone who you definitely want to work with. I've gained immense insight into not only us as humans, but how I personally have held onto things emotionally.  I absolutely love her personable and warm nature.  The confidence she exudes while working with me makes me feel safe and certain that I am where I need to be. Not only in the present moment, but in life. So thank you Emma for creating the work you do! My experience working with you has been incredible and invaluable to me!

Becca F.  Auburn, California

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