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Relationship Coaching


    ***Relationships are hard work!***

I think Hollywood and Disney have a lot to answer for.  We have been sold an unrealistic happily-ever-after story. Change my mind.

I am an advocate for connected, happy, healthy, sexy relationships; I believe relationships make the world go round! The first step is checking-in on yourself. If you are noticing negative patterns in your relationships, persistent challenges or experiences that are not serving you - this is the first piece to understand. You are a whole person connecting with another whole person. And your wellbeing needs to be considered by you first.

One of the biggest challenges couples face, is how to properly repair after an argument. Without a proper repair, you are breeding resentment, and resentment is a significant catalyst for break-ups. 

I can help you navigate conflict and repair with communication tools, and mindfullness techniques to bring you back to a more regulated sate. 

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