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Holding Leaf

Somatic Integration

Moving and breathing your way back to connection with your nervous system.

A deeply moving, supported and connected practice. These sessions will be on a 1-1 basis and guided by the felt sense (interoception).  If you have been exploring therapeutic & wellness practices and find you are still experiencing the same patterns, this could be for you.  This practice will help you be with your activation, (both heavy and light) honouring it fully, and guide you to regulation.

Ashtanga & Yin Yoga have beautiful movement vocabularies, and are excellent spring-boards from which to explore the body. With a primary focus on breath work, I use Ashtanga and Yin Yoga as anchors, verbally guiding my clients through thoughts and sensations. 

Paying attention to the ever evolving sensation of our felt-sense is an essential piece of the practice, and serves as a catalyst for releasing the 'holding' in our heads as well as our bodies.  

I work with people who want to reconnect with and increase their capacity for pleasure, process their emotions more gracefully and manage chronic & acute stress.

I offer single sessions and blocks of 4, and I have a fully functional, bright and clear online studio.  When Covid is over (hopefully soon), I work in-person. If you have questions and want to know more about how my methods can help you email me here to book a free 15 minute chemistry call.  

Single session     £55.00

Block of 4 -10%  £198.00

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