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About Emma

Emma is a somatic coach, with a polyvagal informed approach to working with the nervous system.

Emma will help you reveal defaults in your system that are highlighted by emotional responses, preferences for different states and tendencies that exist naturally and as a result of experience. The result is an unwinding process that will make way for embodiment, creativity and a reconnection to vitality. 

Emma is also a qualified Yoga Asana teacher, and leads 1-1 sessions, corporate wellness days and couples Yoga.  These sessions are guided by the felt-sense (language of the nervous system) and curiosity towards your truth, and uses breathwork and pranayama to explore up and down regulations of the nervous system. Remaining curious towards your experience and  truth, Emma will encourage you attune to what is moving & helpful to you, and support you whilst you lean in to the process.

Emma is a life long student of holistic health and has travelled to London, India, Mexico and America to receive training in Yoga, Psychology and Somatic Experiencing.