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Physiological Synchrony and Couples Yoga - Get Back in Sync with your partner

Connection and collaboration are essential for society to function and for people to get along. We all know that feeling connected to others is essential for our mental health; and it's a total necessity for beautiful, sexy, healthy relationships. One important component for all this to take place, is physiological synchrony (PS).

So what is Physiological Synchrony?

Physiological synchrony is the process by which our autonomic functions sync with another person or group of people. For example, heart rate, skin conductance and breathing. Whilst I was researching this topic I was reminded of my Contact Improvisation classes at uni. We'd begin class partnered with another student, and complete a meditative warm up together, during which our breathing rhythm would synch after a few breaths. I always thought this was super cool. How this happens is still largely unknown, but it is understood that PS functions to bring people together - and things! Check this out.

What does this mean for Couples Yoga?

Moving in unison with your partner (called in-phase synchrony) generates a sense of connection and enables feelings of trust between you both. Couples yoga practiced regularly can positively reinforce these feelings. Physical touch can often be a great way to regulate the stress response (hug anyone?), and the physical closeness during couples Yoga can have the same effect.

Not only is couples Yoga a great way to get active, learn new skills together and do something fun and relaxing with your partner, you guys could experience increased connection off the mat too. Winning.

Research suggests that greater PS between couples can increase the empathy experienced between them. So who knows?! if you're not great at using your words, couples Yoga could be an effective stepping-stone to those tricky conversations. Perhaps about the mother in-law staying for the duration of the Covid-special, 5 day Christmas....

Shared intention matters. For the guys are girls that show up TOGETHER, couples Yoga is playful, exciting and most importantly, connecting.

See you on the mat? I have some special rates for new comers throughout December, get in touch to find out more here.


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