How I came to do what I do...

Psychotherapist in training, Yogi, Somatic Experiencing student and all round nervous system geek.

Movement is my primary antidote to disconnection.  I have been in dance classes since I was 10, I didn't know it at the time, but these classes helped me feel connected to myself.  Growing up as a painfully shy, highly anxious, checked-out kid - dancing helped keep my feet on the ground. I discovered Yoga in my teens - a definite light bulb moment. It underpinned my dance training, and my mental health, which was particularly sketchy at this time.  I grew up in a highly unstable and emotionally abusive step-family, which has come to be one of my most significant teachers, but more on that later.

After completing my degree in Contemporary dance studies, I headed to India and later to Mexico to deepen my Yoga practice and become a teacher.  At this point I was inhaling everything I could find about the nervous system, I wanted to understand the physiology involved in different kinds of movement, and it's connection to our emotional brain centres and wellbeing.

When I broke up with a long term partner, I went to see a therapist who helped me uncover layers of myself that were informing so much of how I was doing relationship. Looking to integrate and continue my learning, I enrolled at The Relationship School in Boulder Colorado and graduated in May this year. Back in the UK I'm getting my Masters in Psychology and I am looking forward to working with couples and individuals as a psychotherapist. Learning & development is a top value for me, and I am a life long student of mental health. 

Empowerment is my jam and I move through life from the orientation of personal responsibility. If something is a problem for us, we are the only ones who can fix it.  And that's awesome.


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